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Most of us are used to plucking eyebrows, waxing lips, and shaving legs, but there might be hair hiding in places you’ve never thought about. With an increasing trend in personal grooming and even manscaping, awareness of body hair is changing rapidly. But what about unwanted hair on these five areas?

Nape of Neck

This area often goes overlooked mostly because you can’t see it in the mirror. The nape of the neck, just below the hairline can be an aesthetic issue for men and women alike. Many of us have strange hairlines and baby hairs that just won’t grow back there. Make your haircut stays fresh longer or give that elegant updo a little oomph by keeping the nape of your neck neat and clean with laser hair removal.


Sideburns can be just as problematic as the nape of the neck, but more visible. Ladies, how frequently do you find yourself tucking those short hairs behind your ears? Gentleman, how often do you need to trim to ensure your beard and hair don’t completely merge? Keep yourself looking put-together by getting your unwanted sideburn hair taken care of.


Unwanted chin hair isn’t typically an issue for men, as shaving is already part of their daily routine. And though women usually don’t have a large amount of hair on their chins, it can be a place where your normal facial fuzz grows a little bit thicker. Get rid of that excessive peach fuzz once and for all with one of Barba Skin Clinic’s incredible hair removal options.


Not all of us are blessed with hairless ears. And though we might only get a few unsightly hairs that pop up now and then, plucking can get tedious and waxing can be difficult. Make sure your ears get smooth and stay smooth!

Fingers & Toes

Most of the time hair on fingers and toes is only a few strands, but they can seem unbelievably noticeable once you’re aware of them. We use our fingers every day for just about everything, why not make sure they reflect just how great you feel? Push your pedicure to the next level and pull out those strappy heels you’ve been saying you’re going to wear forever.

Book a Hair Removal Consultation at Barba Skin Clinic

If you have hair in these places or any others and are thinking about getting rid of it permanently, book a free consultation online now. Call 305-560-6813 or fill out our online contact form to learn more.