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Everyone experiences chapped lips at some point in their life, if not every year of their life. They are described as flaky, dry, cracked, and painful. Lips don’t have oil glands like the rest of our skin, so they cannot naturally hydrate themselves.

Chapped lips are most common in winter but frequently appear due to other environmental elements or outlying factors. While lip balm is easy enough to apply, it’s often overlooked or forgotten. Barba Skin Clinic is Miami’s leading skincare treatment center and has a wide array of services available, including facials and peels. Reveal the beautiful lips you have under your chapped skin with these easy tips and preventative methods.

Avoid Allergens

Many ingredients come in contact with your lips—think about what your drinks, facial products, and food all contain. Some toothpaste cause chapped lips too. Common ingredients that cause irritation and are found in many products include mint, fluoride, fragrance, citrus, and lauryl sulfate.

If you notice your lips dry out after using a certain cosmetic or hygienic product, drink, or food, try eliminating that product to see if your lips get any better. Usually, lips take a few days to repair themselves.

Environmental Factors

Being in extremely dry air, inside or out, can suck the moisture from your lips. When indoors and the heat is on, run a humidifier to put moisture back into your room; when outside wear a medicated lip balm to create a protective barrier.

Even when you’re not in dry air, remember to protect lips from all of the elements, even the sun. Find a shielding lip balm with an SPF of 15 or more. If you don’t have allergies, some sunblock can be applied directly on top of your lips.

Combat Irritation

Take preventative steps with home remedies to improve lips year-round. Follow these at-home steps to get soft, supple lips:

  • Sleeping with your mouth open at night can lead to chapped lips, if this is unavoidable try to apply an ointment before bed.
  • Deficient essential fatty acids in the body can also result in chapped lips; take omega acid supplements or eat foods rich in healthy fats like olive oil, almonds, and cold-water fish.
  • Apply natural moisturizers like coconut oil, fresh aloe, and honey (which also is an antibacterial).
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Your lips are front and center on your face, keep them soft and beautiful with the help of Barba Skin Care. Our expert physicians offer aesthetic dermatology treatments and cosmetic procedures.

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