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I am completely dedicated to Selene at Barba Skin Clinic. I have sensitive, finicky skin so we started out slow, and a year later my skin looks brand new with an even skin tone, no blemishes or red irritation. I couldn’t be happier! I never wear makeup and constantly get positive comments on my glowing skin. I trust all her recommendations and even let her experiment from time to time with more intense treatments like micro-needling and chemical peels. Who knew you could actually erase fine lines and go back in time! Looking forward to aging gracefully under Selene’s guidance.

Raquel R., Miami Beach, FL

This is my go to place when I am in Miami. I have problem skin and especially with weather in Miami break outs are guaranteed. Michelle is THE BEST ! I cannot tell you how amazing you feel after her facials. Usually chat about current products I use and she recommends things I should / should not use , and I trust her advise fully ! I wish I could see her every month, I would have amazing skin but whenever I am in Miami I see Michelle & Barbra Skin clinic is THE only place I will go.

Natasha R., Brooklyn, NY

Barba Skin Clinic is hands down one of the best skin clinics in Miami. The facilities are impeccably clean, beautiful and fully stocked with the highest quality products and even higher quality staff. Everyone is friendly, professional and inviting!
In particular I recommend you consider booking with Michelle. She is one the best clinical aesthetician and hair removal specialists I have had the pleasure of getting treatments from. Her years of experience and passion for what she does shines during treatments with her. She is open and honest and listens to your needs in order to recommend the perfect at home regimen for your particular skin type. She never pushes you to over purchase products, but genuinely wants to help you with your skin care needs. If you just look at her face and skin, it is perfection and it’s because she knows what she’s talking about and would never recommend anything for you that she probably hasn’t tried herself! Also, if your in the mood for a fun chat and giggle during your treatment, she can more then accommodate!
I highly recommend booking at BSC. You certainly pay for what you get here; the highest quality service in Miami!
Here’s to happy skin, cheers.

Carla R., Tampa, FL

If you haven’t heard of Stella, then you don’t know what an excellent facial is! I see her every 5-6 weeks and walk out with a glow every time! My skin craves it! The Skin Clinic has a spa feel. It’s beautiful!!! Every little detail from the decor to the sheets. Everyone is extremely professional and their products are top of the line – Obaji, Skinceuticals, Elta… Stella will give you her recommendations for products after your facial and I can tell you that I get compliments on my skin so they work!!! Sometimes I run out of products (like today) and stop by on a Saturday. Bonus: Parking is free on Saturdays!

Elizabeth M., Miami Beach, FL

It takes a special place to not only establish long-term clients, but keep them happy and raving like schoolgirls. My beloved Janet came back to BSC and I was ecstatic to see her return to where her talents are appreciated, but Selene had won me over during her absence, so I stayed put. These ladies are that good – you cannot make a wrong choice, in my opinion.
Selene is a miracle worker. She gets so excited over the results that I get and how glowing my skin looks when I walk IN for my monthly appointment. She considers it her mission to make it look and feel better every time I leave and she somehow delivers on that promise each time. She changes up the regimen and as a woman of a certain age who does not act it, nor wants to look it, I think of her as God’s reparation for giving me acne-prone skin at 40+.

Marjorie D., Miami Beach, FL

Facials? Skin care? Permanent hair removal? This is the place to go! Stella is beyond fantastic. Book well in advance. You will not be disappointed. My mom and sister are fans now too.

Lauren L., Miami Beach, FL

Barba Skin Clinic is a very professional and well run business. The staff is pleasant, the location is convenient, and there is plenty of parking. The facility is beautiful and gives you the feeling of a fresh, clean, high end atmosphere.
I had a facial with Michelle, and it was the most detail oriented, comfortable treatment I have ever experienced. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about her trade and was able to recommend a great product regime for me to use at home. I left feeling great and looking forward to my next treatment.

Eric C., Dallas, TX

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