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Many people often associate facials with a medical problem or aging skin, but this is not the case! Facials are great for rejuvenating and enhancing skin of any age. They are particularly helpful right before a big event or after a period of stress, when the skin says it all.

Facials are also great during the summer when acne is at its worst and people want to look their best. Get ready for your vacation or summer fun with our favorite facials from Barba Skin Clinic.

Clear Skin for Summer Events

The summer months bring a variety of events including weddings, graduations, holidays, and family vacations. With these occasions come endless photo ops—and we’ve all experienced the dread that accompanies acne and a camera in the face.

Barba Skin Clinic offers two facials, specifically designed for treating acne. The Barba Acne Relief targets current and prevents future breakouts. Additionally, our Teen Facial is custom formulated to handle the sebaceous glands associated with teen hormones, the culprit behind flare-ups.

Beach-Ready Backs

During the summer, your face isn’t the only thing you’re showing off! Warm weather attire and swimsuits show many other parts of the body, like the back. Acne and sun spots frequently plague this area due to the constant entrapment of oils and moisture under clothing.

Don’t overlook these out-of-sight zones this summer; get them glowing with area-specific treatments. The Back in Shape skin treatment isn’t a facial per say, but works similarly while treating the back region for acne and hyperpigmentation.

Beat Summer’s Free Radicals

It’s common knowledge that the sun’s rays do more harm than good nowadays, but it’s almost inevitable to get sun at least once in your life. The sun and heat frequently dry out the skin, leaving people with a flaky, worn appearance. Free radicals, the agents that form due to absorbing harmful rays, are cancer-causing cells that wrinkle and dull the skin.

The Micro SkinQuench Oxygen Therapy delivers a healthy and moisturizing treatment into the skin for anti-aging and enhancing your natural glow. Our patients may choose from a number of serums that hydrate and deliver antioxidants (which fight free radicals) deep into the layers of the skin.

Contact Barba Skin Clinic

Get your skin summer-ready with the help of Barba Skin Clinic. Our clinic is the premier location in Miami, FL for cosmetic and dermatological procedures. For healthy, glowing, youthful, and clear skin, contact our specialists today! Call 305-560-6813 to schedule your consultation.