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Fine lines and wrinkles often exaggerate age, even when we are still young. While these wrinkles form naturally due to factors like the environment or genetics, many people desire smooth and youthful skin, well into their adulthood. Fine lines and wrinkles can easily be diminished, erased, or smoothed with a series of injections.

Barba Skin Clinic offers patients a number of injectables and fillers, targeted for specific areas and stages. As filler technology has improved, the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles has enabled some patients to only require injections once a year.

Each filler has different properties and is more effective in certain areas than others. Our doctors can help you choose the best treatment for your particular needs. Consulting with Barba Skin Clinic is the first step in discovering the best injectable, and looking healthier, younger, and more radiant.

Are You a First Time Patient?

Fillers may have peaked your interest, but never prompted you to receive treatment due to the lengthy lists of those on the market. Our trained nurses and doctors are here to help you feel comfortable and relaxed in your concerns. When you sit down with one of our doctors, they will outline the differences in the two main types of skin fillers, hyaluronic acids and synthetic fillers.

Hyaluronic acids are present in Juvederm and Restylane. They are naturally occurring and are considered safe, but maybe more forgiving and not last as long as synthetic fillers. Conversely, synthetic fillers do not contain anything organic; therefore, there are potential side effects and reactions that may occur. Synthetic fillers are known to last much longer than hyaluronic acids, however, and generally produce noticeable effects.

What Is Your Area of Concern?

Certain fillers have different effects on different areas of the face. Certain hyaluronic acids can be formulated to last longer than others. These durable hyaluronic acids are generally used to treat larger areas of the skin, such as your cheek or forehead; while shorter-lasting, more natural hyaluronic acids are used on more sensitive areas like creases next to the nose or lips.

The areas you are concerned with are something you should share with your doctor upon your initial consultation and while discussing treatment options. Your doctor can then prescribe the best procedure depending on your needs and tolerance to ingredients.

Share Concerns With Your Doctor

Before beginning any treatment, it is important to inform your doctor of any and all medications you are taking. Disclose any potential health risks, such as allergies, before undergoing any treatments. Barba Skin Clinic believes your health is our number one priority, understanding your medical history will allow us to comfortably and knowledgeably treat you.

During your consultation, your doctor will ask for this information as well as any history of skin or neurological conditions. Being as transparent as possible is the best way to receive optimal results and avoid any unpleasant situations.

Schedule a Consultation With Dr. Barba

Barba Skin Clinic is Miami’s leading location for expert cosmetic and aesthetic injectables. If you desire smooth, youthful skin – we can help! Contact our clinic to schedule a consultation, call 305-560-6813, or book online for your convenience.