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You know we all crave those doe-eyed fringy lashes that babies and boys seem to always get instead of us! We paint and sweep our own eyelashes with every kind of goopy mascara out there with high hopes of transforming them into thick frames of loveliness. Oh, how nice it would be to have them naturally and never have to worry again about stubby or sparse eye fringe coated with paint!

Can longer lusher lashes really happen with a magic serum? Is it possible science has stumbled upon a miracle?

My good friend and Miami-based dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barba turned me on to the new beauty phenomenonLatisse, an FDA-approved prescription treatment that claims to make lashes grow longer, fuller, and darker. She explained that the solution takes nightly applications with results in 4 weeks and full results in 16 weeks. The solution is painted on the lash line with little disposable brush applicators and your lashes will experience real measurable growth.

Well, I was sold and set out to be my own guinea pig and see if the stuff really worked. Sure enough, after about 4 weeks, I saw a major difference in the length of my lashes, though no difference in color or thickness. I celebrated my new lashes by putting on a double dose of mascara to really show off their amazing length. The only side effect I experienced was redness along my lash lines, but it was well worth it. Some women have experienced itchiness, but I had no problem. After the full 16 week course, my lashes have remained nice and long, the redness has completely gone away and I now believe in miracles!