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Editor: Maria Tettamanti

The lowdown: Keep skin looking fresh and youthful at the newly opened Barba Skin Clinic. The new medi-skin clinic caters specifically to clients’ beauty needs. “For the first time, Barba Skin Clinic bridges the gap between the expertise of the dermatologist, me, and four, highly trained, skilled aestheticians that have all worked and continue to work by my side to ensure we are providing our clients with the absolute best, cutting-edge, skin care services and treatments, each tailored to the client’s specific skin needs,” Doctor Alicia Barba says.

The ‘hood: The clinic is located a puddle jump away from the luxurious homes of Bay Point.

The ambience: Think calming and clean with doses of high glam. Walls are adorned in fresh white-hued paint and soft sea grass wallpaper while furnishings are upholstered in relaxed, neutral tones of linen.

The highlights: The must-try service here? The Barba Signature Facial ($150 to $175), which is a customized clinical facial for your skin type. The service includes a facial, microdermabrasion, and a peel, chosen for you by your aesthetician. “This is the one that put us on the map and patients feel provides the most bang for the buck. The best part is customizing this for our patients so that it is a bit different every time,” Barba says.