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Deciding what hair to keep and what to remove can be both a personal decision and a statement, which is why hair removal at Barba Skin Clinic is a unique and personalized experience for each patient. With plans tailored specifically to your skin type, tone, and needs, the process is guaranteed to be an inclusive and painless one.

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re thinking of getting a larger area worked on, or if you have darker, thicker hair that you’d like removed, laser hair removal is the option for you. Barba Skin Clinic uses the GentleMax laser hair removal system. This system is actually two lasers in one — the Alexandrite and the ND-YAG lasers — making it perfect for all skin tones.


Are you looking to get rid of smaller, finer patches of hair? Or to get the same benefits of laser hair removal for a lower cost? If so, electrolysis is the choice for you. Electrolysis is the perfect option for patients with stubborn outlying hairs left behind by lasers. With this process, a small electrical current is directed into the hair follicle, rendering it inactive, and the hair is removed.


Getting rid of hair on your face can be a delicate process, which is why Barba Skin Clinic offers lasertrolysis. This process combines laser hair removal and electrolysis to ensure that every last hair is taken care of. If you’re looking for complete hair removal, lasertrolysis is your best bet.

Making a Plan

If any of these options sound like they would fit you, schedule a free consultation online with the expert team at Barba Skin Clinic to begin your permanent hair removal journey today!