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Almost every adult experiences skin issues from time to time, and sometimes issues are ongoing. Whether you are battling wrinkles, desire glowing skin, or want to fight off acne, there are healthy eating tips anyone can use to achieve great skin.

Many foods overlap in their benefits to the skin, but our experts have picked out the best foods to battle each skin problem. Barba Skin Clinic specializes in skincare services ranging from hair removal to facials, to dermal fillers.

For Dry Skin

It may seem obvious, but the best thing for dry skin is to hydrate it! Rehydrate skin by drinking plenty of water every day—be conscious of your consumption and swap out sodas and other sugary drinks for H2O. Additionally, eating plenty of water-dense fruits will help deliver water in yummy ways—think pineapple, oranges, and watermelon.

Avocados contain monounsaturated fat which is a good type of fat the body needs. Sebum (oil) is the body’s way of putting moisture into the skin; without these fats, we cannot produce enough of these oils. Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil also provide moisture without clogging pores, these can be applied topically or ingested.

Omega-3 fatty acids which are in flaxseed, cold-water fish, and some nuts are another type of good fat. They reduce inflammation in the skin and reinforce cells’ ability to hold moisture, which means hydrated skin.

For Aging Skin

Vitamin C is one of the most important supplements a person can consume to maintain youthful skin. Collagen, which promotes elasticity in the skin, relies on vitamin C for production. Additionally, antioxidants like vitamin C fight free radicals in the skin which result in age spots and wrinkles. Fruits like strawberries (which contain 130-150% daily amounts of vitamin C) are great to snack on or add to breakfast.

Lycopene is a red carotene that is found in—you guessed it—red veggies and fruits, like tomatoes. An abundance of lycopene reduces oxidative damage and helps protect skin from sun damage – from the inside.

Potassium is another great anti-aging substance. We all know bananas are the go-to when thinking of potassium, but there are other items that are rich in this anti-aging agent. For instance, normal iodized table salt will dry out cells, but sea salt which is rich in potassium will actually rehydrate cells.

For Acne-prone Skin

If you are a victim of acne, you will want to avoid foods with a high glycemic index. These include refined sugars and processed foods. Stick to foods with a low glycemic index like whole grains, oats, and other complex carbs. A spike in blood sugar increases insulin levels, which triggers acne-causing hormones.

Eat foods rich in zinc. Zinc reduces inflammation and keratinocyte cells. Keratin is a protein that can block pores. Foods rich in zinc include oysters, chickpeas, beans, and yogurt. Try to reduce other pore-clogging foods, which stimulate oil glands; these include animal fats and some dairy products, like cheese.

Reduce alcohol use, smoking, and spicy food consumption. Alcohol causes an imbalance in hormone levels. Adding sparkling water to your wine or cocktail will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also reduce the amount of alcohol you consume. Smoking and spicy foods trigger the adrenal glands, which causes stress hormones to be released. Any disruption to hormone levels can cause acne to occur. For better skin, quit or reduce smoking and try other spices (there are hundreds) in place of your heated selection.

Contact Barba Skin Clinic

The foods and courses of action listed above are a guide to general skin health. While each person’s skin is different, it’s important to understand what skin type you have and abide by the guidelines as they pertain to you. For instance, you wouldn’t want to increase oil production if you have oily skin, only if you have dry skin.

For beautiful, glowing, and clear skin, seek the advice of our skincare experts at Barba Skin Clinic in Miami. Book an appointment online or call 305-851-3033.