Latisse Treatment with Consultation

Contact Barba Skin Clinic in Miami about a consultation regarding Latisse, the only FDA-approved medication designed to give you longer, darker, thicker lashes.

You will have visibly longer lashes in 6 weeks, with amazing results after 16 weeks of daily use. If you’re looking for lush lashes, then try Latisse.

A provider from Barba Dermatology will give a free consultation for a Latisse prescription to established clients of Barba Dermatology or Barba Skin Clinic only. The consultation at our Miami office includes instructions on how to apply it, and allows for 12 refills of Latisse from our pharmacy. Established clients are those that have been patients of Barba Dermatology or paying clients of Barba Skin Clinic in the last 12 months.

If you are not a client of Barba Dermatology or Barba Skin Clinic, a $50 prescription consult will be applied.

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