Permanent Hair Removal for All Skin Colors

Permanent Hair RemovalFinally, you can throw away the wax and the razor blades. At Barba Skin Clinic in Miami, Florida, we offer state-of-the-art laser hair removal services, which can permanently remove hair in all skin colors. After several treatments, our patients can watch 60 – 90% of unwanted body hair disappear—for good.

Laser hair removal treatments at Barba Skin Clinic do not require local anesthesia, and most patients experience nothing more than a slight sting. By combining laser hair removal procedures with electrolysis (lasertrolysis), our patients can enjoy 100% permanently hair free skin.

We invite you to explore the pages below and learn how Barba Skin Clinic can help you say goodbye to unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal

Using the Gentle Max Hair Removal System, Barba Skin Clinic is able to offer patients two choices for laser hair removal: the Alexandrite laser and the ND-YAG laser. This FDA-approved laser removal system treats all skin tones.


Ideal for all skin colors and hair types, electrolysis helps to remove small tufts of hair and outlying hairs left behind during the laser hair removal treatment. Using a small amount of electricity, our estheticians deactivate the follicle and remove unwanted hair. A must for gray hair unresponsive to laser!


Our lasertrolysis treatment combines laser hair removal with electrolysis. With our powerful, FDA-approved Gentle Max Hair Removal System, we can achieve maximum reduction of unwanted hair. The addition of electrolysis procedures allows our certified estheticians to eliminate outlying hair that does not respond to laser hair removal treatment.

Schedule an appointment for laser hair removal at Barba Skin Clinic online or via phone at (305) 576-1133.

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