Barba Acne Relief Facial in Miami

For those with acne or as emergency treatment for the unexpected breakout, this facial can’t be beat. After double cleansing, comedones are extracted to relieve the skin of the precursor to inflammatory acne and to minimize pore size. A purifying or calming masque is applied, active breakouts are spot treated with salicylic acid to calm and dry out your acne. Cryogenic CO2 therapysoothes the skin, warding off future breakouts by leaving the pores clean, smaller, and less inflamed. Add on acne injection(s) for stubborn breakouts*.

Call to schedule your acne relief facial at our convenient Miami location: 305-573-7200.

* A Barba Dermatology provider is available on the 11th floor to provide an emergency acne injection after your service at Barba Skin Clinic. Ask your Barba Skin Clinic therapist.

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